Bancroft Reaches One Million Safe Hours

May 5, 2023 3:33 pm

Bancroft Construction is proud to announce that we have reached over one million safe man-hours without lost-time or recordable injury. Achieving one million safe man-hours with over 77 active construction projects and 112,000+ Bancroft personnel and trade partners on site is no easy feat, so how was it accomplished? 

Our full-time, professionally trained Safety Managers are responsible for leading all aspects of safety related to project delivery, providing strategic direction to Superintendents and Project Managers, communicating and executing company safety goals, and providing employees with necessary information and training to manage a safe and incident free project. 

“This milestone is the result of a company with an unparalleled commitment to safety and excellence,” remarked Bancroft’s Safety Manager, John Patti. “Ensuring everyone’s safety is our top priority.” 

This monumental milestone came at a significant time as we celebrate OSHA’s Safety Stand-Down Week, where we have held safety stand-downs to educate our trade partners on fall protection and prevention. 

“This achievement was made possible by everyone on Team Bancroft and our trade partners. Each individual contributed to this milestone through alignment in understanding Bancroft’s safety and training protocols. We want to send everyone home to their families the same way they arrived,” remarked Bancroft President & CEO Greg Sawka. 

We look forward to surpassing this goal and reaching new heights while we keep Bancroft Construction a great, safe place to work!