Faithful Friends Animal Society Breaks Ground on New Shelter

October 29, 2021 8:39 pm

Faithful Friends Animal Society broke ground earlier this week and brought the Sharon Struthers Animal Adoption and Community Resource Center to life! The new 17,572 square foot facility is officially under construction on 27 acres near New Castle County Airport.

For decades, Faithful Friends has resided in a smaller location along Germay Drive. Bancroft Construction is thrilled to have the opportunity to build Faithful Friends’ new shelter, allowing the organization to keep fulfilling the mission of helping abandoned and homeless animals find their forever homes.

Bancroft Construction is not the only one that has a history of building! Over the years, Faithful Friends has built relationships by lobbying and crafting legislation and was the first shelter to have a pet food bank, low-cost veterinary services beyond spay, neuter, and vaccine clinics, and the first to have a pet lifeline resource to answer pet owners’ questions. Since then, they have established a statewide pet-assisted therapy program with over 50 participants throughout the state.

“It wasn’t until I got involved with Faithful Friends that I realized how much this organization truly is the voice of homeless pets,” said Sharon Struthers, Faithful Friends board member and donor. “Faithful Friends’ focus has always been to do the right thing for the animals. When the organization started over 20 years ago, the kill rate in Delaware for animals in shelters was over 90%. And now, Delaware has a 90% save rate. The change in the percentage didn’t start happening until Faithful Friends began.”

The expected completion of the new building is fall of 2022. It will feature spacious areas for animal residents waiting for loving homes, ample space for visitors and volunteers, safe walking trails, spacious play areas, and more. We are honored to be building this project!