Bancroft COVID-19 Jobsite Protocols

March 30, 2020 7:28 pm

We want to first thank all of our trade partners in ensuring safe measures are being taken on all of our jobsites with regard to COVID-19. Our site safety protocols have been implemented on all of our projects and things have been going as well as we can expect during these unprecedented times.

Included in this post is Bancroft Construction’s Jobsite Safety Protocols Packet as it relates to COVID Work Procedures. This packet outlines Bancroft’s Project Site Protocols that we are enforcing on all of Bancroft’s projects, as well as Safety Protocols created by governing agencies in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. All of Bancroft’s Project Site Protocols conform with each of the State-Specific Protocols that we perform work within. Our protocols have been shared with existing project teams and trade partners, but are being posted here so that as you bid upcoming projects you are able understand our expectations.

Please download this packet and distribute to your colleagues accordingly. If you have any questions regarding the information within this packet, please contact the Bancroft Resources or Points of Contact listed on the Table of Contents.

Thank you again for your continued support & doing your part in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all.

Please click here to download the Bancroft COVID Jobsite Protocols.