In With the Old and In With the New

October 7, 2019 6:53 pm


Recently, Bancroft was thrilled to blend new technology and history. Bancroft’s drone crew assisted the Delaware Historical Society (DHS) survey three historic buildings within their Market Street campus. Through the use of our drone’s high-resolution camera, we were able to capture existing conditions for DHS’s Head of Facilities and Maintenance from angles they wouldn’t have been able to view otherwise.

“Much like what the Delaware Historical Society is displaying inside their facilities, I was thrilled to bring something modern to the beautiful, historic buildings to help get a better glimpse of some hard-to-see places and assess potential areas for repair, ” said Lauren Lyon, licensed drone pilot and Project Coordinator at Bancroft Construction. “It was a windy day and being downtown along with a few overhead obstacles made for a challenging flight, but overall it was exciting, and we captured some stunning photos for DHS.”

With these images, DHS can better plan for upcoming maintenance and renovation activities. Contact us today to learn how our drone crew can help your next project!