Celebrating 1,000 Projects Together

May 14, 2019 4:55 pm

n June, Bancroft Construction Company (BCC) and Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (BMS) will successfully complete the 1,000th project in our 12-year partnership together.

Since 2007, BCC has been stationed at BMS’ various Central New Jersey locations, starting with only three on-site staff members, to now having over 30 full-time, dedicated resources, ranging from Superintendents and Project Coordinators to Site Leads and Senior Project Managers, among others.

The Lawrenceville H2 Office Node Work Place project is scheduled to be completed in early June, and on June 4, BMS and BCC teams will celebrate not only the ribbon cutting of the H2 Office Node Work Place project but also the completion of the 1,000th project in our history together.

“Working and being successful here takes a lot of time and effort to learn the specific processes and procedures, but the connections we’ve developed over the years with the various project managers in the engineering department, research community, maintenance staff, Environmental Health and Safety, and security personnel are invaluable,” said Ron Wilbraham, Regional Director with Bancroft Construction. “Our partnership with the BMS stakeholders focuses our energy into working effectively in their environment, being careful to not impact the R&D processes. I feel fortunate every day to be a part of the difference BMS is making to help their patients.”

Bancroft CEO, Greg Sawka added, “We continue to be impressed with BMS’ commitment to their supplier relationship management as they are interested in our continued development and how we can be successful together. We value not only being seen in that light but also being a part of the science that is the core of BMS. By continuing to be a successful partner to BMS, we are therefore also in the supply chain of working for their patients to live better, healthier, happier lives. To be a part of that for over 12 years is incredibly rewarding.”

Other exciting projects throughout our relationship include the Building 9 Laboratory Renovation and Cell Molecular Biologics Addition at their Hopewell facility, Phases I and II of the Interior Renovations to the Nassau Park facility, and Interior Renovations and Upgrades to their security hub, The ROC, at their Princeton Pike site.

In addition to a ribbon and cake cutting at the Lawrenceville site, we will also be celebrating #BMS1000 with their other onsite project teams at BMS’ Princeton Pike, New Brunswick, and Hopewell locations throughout the day.

We want to thank all who have been a part of delivering these impactful projects over the last 12 years as we look toward the future and more years of collaborating and achieving success together.