Bancroft Construction and Bancroft Homes Remerge

March 29, 2019 3:33 pm


Bancroft Construction Company and Bancroft Homes, Inc. have announced that their two previously separate companies have remerged as of January 1, 2019, and Bancroft Homes, Inc. (Bancroft Homes) and Bancroft Construction Company (Bancroft Construction) are now operating as affiliated companies. This combination has created a full-service commercial construction management and residential construction entity, serving the Mid-Atlantic region.

This reignition of collaboration between the two companies will provide endless benefits to our clients and partners. The ability to leverage our combined resources to deliver the utmost in customer care and expand to further geographic regions and new partners is boundless.

“Residential construction is a market in which Bancroft has always excelled,” said Greg Sawka, President and CEO of Bancroft Construction. “Bancroft Homes can only bring additional strength and energy to Bancroft Construction and vice versa, and I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for our two companies.”

The combined companies remain privately owned and will operate under their separate brands. Greg Sawka, Bancroft Construction’s President and CEO, will remain the President and CEO of Bancroft Construction, and Jack Barr, CCIFP, is acting as the Interim President of Bancroft Homes. The headquarters for both companies remains at 1300 N Grant Avenue in Wilmington, DE. Bancroft Construction also occupies a second office in Princeton, NJ.

“When I joined Bancroft over 25 years ago, it was just that: Bancroft. A single company with a strong reputation for excellence in construction,” said Michael Christopher, Executive Vice President of Bancroft Homes, “I knew of their work first-hand from Rockland Mills, an intricate and complex adaptive reuse project, converting a paper mill from the 1800s into award winning residences. Bancroft’s residential-commercial partnership separated us from the competition. The combining of our companies again with Stephen Mockbee’s retirement is a great opportunity to utilize the reputation we built together. It feels like I’m coming back home. For 25 years I’ve thought of our firms as one company and this formalizes it once again.”

Jack Barr, Interim President of Bancroft Homes added, “Having the opportunity to bring these two firms back together opens many doors for both our clients as well as our business partners. We are able to continue to provide the level of service the Bancroft brand is known to consistently deliver with efficient, concentrated operations.”

Since 1975, both companies operated under the same umbrella before Bancroft Homes was established in 1999. The two companies formally separated for marketing purposes in 2007. Together, the companies have more than 120 in-house construction resources. An undisputed leader of construction management and estimating services in the region for almost half of a century, the history and solid reputation of Bancroft continues, grows, and thrives.