NCC Airport Baggage Claim and Passenger Screening Areas

We renovated the Baggage and Passenger Screening Areas of Wilmington ILG (NCC Airport) in preparation for the return of Frontier Airlines, which decided to resume service in mid-2020.

Project Stats

  • Owner
    Delaware River & Bay Authority
  • Location
    New Castle, DE
  • Project Type
    General Contracting
  • Design Professional
    CNS Engineers
  • Market
    Special Projects Division
  • Square Footage

Originally used as a United States Air Force (USAF) base to deliver aircraft to the British and other U.S. allies, the New Castle County Airport played a crucial role during WWII. Most notably, members of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) served as ferry pilots at the airport. Their memory lives on in the form of a statue at the airport, honoring their service. After the war the airport saw little use, even though it is the largest airport operated by the Delaware River and River Bay Authority (DRBA). The airport is home to 68 jets and 220 propeller craft. During four different periods in the airport’s lifetime, Delaware was the only state without any scheduled airline flights—the most recent period spanning from 2015 to the present.

In preparation for the return of Frontier Airlines, which decided to resume service out of Wilmington ILG (NCC Airport) in mid-2020 after a brief hiatus, DRBA rolled out plans for several improvement projects spanning their New Castle campus. SPD was awarded two of the first three projects. The first of two fast-paced projects included a renovation to the baggage and passenger screening areas. The screening areas in the Airport Terminal Building were improved, and new HVAC systems and walls were added.Additionally, ADA upgrades to the exterior ramps and sidewalk and interior staircase were completed.