Delaware Museum of Nature & Science Metamorphosis

The Delaware Museum of Nature and Science recently underwent a 17-month metamorphosis, reimagining its existing main galleries, exhibits, and building systems. Formally known as the Delaware Museum of Natural History, the rebranded museum features interactive ecosystem-based engagements, allowing visitors of all ages to discover, examine, & uncover the wonders of science in the natural world.

“Bancroft was fully committed to understanding the complexity and uniqueness of each design element and system. Your team's attention to detail, approach to resolving conflicts, and addressing our concerns throughout the project exceeded our expectations. ”
Halsey Spruance
Executive Director
Delaware Museum of Nature & Science

Project Stats

  • Owner
    Delaware Museum of Nature & Science
  • Location
    Wilmington, DE
  • Project Type
  • Design Professional
    JacobsWyper Architects
  • Market
    Community + Recreation

Originally constructed in 1972, the museum needed repairs as many exhibits had been in place for nearly 50 years. Bancroft Construction was hired as the Construction Manager for renovations, which would ultimately be part of a larger $10,800,000 project. Bancroft’s scope of work included installing a new sprinkler system throughout the facility, adding an exterior pumphouse, bathroom renovations, new lighting and sounds system, and extensive architectural work to the museum exhibition spaces and displays, many of which had stood untouched for nearly 50 years.


DCA Excellence in Construction Awards 2022

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